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bug#35044: 25.2; Description of "disappearing" faces (Emacs Manual)

From: Sebastian Urban
Subject: bug#35044: 25.2; Description of "disappearing" faces (Emacs Manual)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 22:03:18 +0200
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(...) I think maybe the only manual change needed is in the Elisp
manual (...)

I would like to remind that the target is someone new to Emacs or as
I wrote before "(...) from perspective of *beginner* (...)".  Now,
which Emacs beginner will look into Elisp manual?  This is why Emacs
Manual, not Elisp, not Elisp introduction etc., needs a simply written
line about it.  Patch for Elisp manual is nice, but for advanced
users.  Maybe something like (11.12(PDF) or 14.12(info) Font Lock mode
- 1st paragraph):

buffer’s major mode tells Font Lock mode which text to fontify; for
instance, programming language modes fontify syntactically relevant
-constructs like comments, strings, and function names.
+constructs like comments, strings, and function names.  Any faces not
+defined as font-lock-faces or by major mode will be ignored by Font
+Lock mode, i.e. these faces will not be applied.
   Font Lock mode is enabled by default.  To toggle it in the current

Maybe instead of "Any faces", "Most faces" should be used (I'm
thinking about hardcoded faces for example).

If I understand correctly, this is rather a bug in table.el: it should
use 'font-lock-face instead of 'face, and then all this buggy
behaviour will go away.  Perhaps you'd like to send a patch?

Wouldn't this change ('face -> 'font-lock-face) also kill main problem
of this bug(#35044) - disappearing face?  Of course only for table.
Because if so, in addition to manual update, maybe a code update in
table.el would be nice thing to do - kind of "2 for 1"?

Unfortunately I'm last person who should do code updates right now -
I didn't even finish first 14 chapters of Emacs manual... yet.

S. U.

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