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bug#35533: 26.2; Weird <i> and <I> keybindings in an (insert-table) envi

From: Mauro Aranda
Subject: bug#35533: 26.2; Weird <i> and <I> keybindings in an (insert-table) environment.
Date: Thu, 2 May 2019 10:00:52 -0300


> The bug (or, rather a strange behaviour), can be reproduced in the
> following way:
> 1)Create a new buffer.
> 2)Insert a text table by calling M-x insert-table RET
> 3)Put the point in the first cell.
> 4)Type: C-h w table-forward-cell RET

Just for clarity, the second step is to type: M-x table-insert RET
Then, of course, hit RET to accept all of the defaults.

> You will see a keybinding called 'C-c C-c <i>'.
> You can see similar weird keybindings for other table-* commands.
> Those actual keys are nowhere to be found, and no-one on the
> #emacs channel on Freenode knows what they are.
> It would be nice to either document those keys. Or, perhaps,
> it's a bug in Emacs.

I believe it's a bug.
'C-h v table-cell-map RET' shows at the end that the bindings are to
'j', 'm', 'I' and 'i', and not to their printed representations.

I attach a patch that adds a missing '?' to all those characters, in

Best regards,

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