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bug#32639: 25.2; message-mode.el: invalid email address gives strange re

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#32639: 25.2; message-mode.el: invalid email address gives strange results
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 16:53:27 -0400
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Antoine Beaupre <address@hidden> writes:

> Emacs' message mode is not very indulgent on invalid email addresses and
> especially typo which can occur in copy-paste.
> For example, I tried to send an email today to "foo <address@hidden>"
> only I screwed up when pasting so my "To:" header was actually:
>     To: foo bar <address@hidden
> ie. without a trailing bracket. Emacs happily accepts this (arguably)
> invalid email address and expands that to "address@hidden" and "bar
> <address@hidden". The former will fail because $fqdn is obviously not
> the right domain and the latter will fail because "bar <quux" is not a
> valid user at "example.com".

Yeah, Message should refuse to try to send email with invalid To/Cc
addresses, I think.

> I've probed a little into how this could be fixed, but somewhat got lost
> between message.el's `message-fix-before-sending' and
> `mail-extract-address-components'. Presumably there's some part in there
> that could be improved, but I am not sure regular expressions are up to
> standard to parse email addresses, as those are notoriously complicated.

The standards-compliant function to use is:

(mail-header-parse-addresses "foo bar <address@hidden")
=> nil

(mail-header-parse-addresses "foo bar <address@hidden>")
=> (("address@hidden" . "foo bar"))

The problem is that this function doesn't really tell the user anything
about what's wrong with the address -- it's either able to parse it or

Another twist here is that if you have at least one valid address in the
list, it won't tell you that there's anything wrong:

(mail-header-parse-addresses "foo bar <address@hidden>, zot>")
=> (("address@hidden" . "foo bar"))

But I guess we could add a parameter to ietf-drums-parse-addresses to
make it return a more complete result.

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