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bug#24576: 25.1; desktop.el does not fully preserve registers with macro

From: Matthew Newton
Subject: bug#24576: 25.1; desktop.el does not fully preserve registers with macros
Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 13:58:06 -0700

It seems that the more pressing issue is desktop handling byte code.

> On May 11, 2019, at 5:15 AM, Noam Postavsky <address@hidden> wrote:
> Matthew Newton <address@hidden> writes:
>> Apologies for reviving a stale bug but it appears to not be resolved yet.
> No apologies needed, on the contrary, thank you for looking at it.
>> So there seem to be two bugs:
>> 1. `desktop-save-mode` doesn’t serialize/deserialize keyboard macros
>> properly (is it difficult to serialize a function object?)
Would it make sense to simply do something like this?

(defun desktop--v2s (value)
   ((byte-code-function-p value)
    (let* ((pass1 (mapcar #'desktop--v2s value))
           (special (assq nil pass1)))
      (if special
          (cons nil `(make-byte-code
                      ,@(mapcar (lambda (el)
                                  (if (eq (car el) 'must)
                                      `',(cdr el) (cdr el)))
        (cons 'may `[,@(mapcar #'cdr pass1)]))))

I copied that from the `cond` clause for vector. It works in my limited testing.

Are there security concerns or other considerations?
>> 2. Either :print-func and :insert-func should never be set to
>> “Unprintable entity” or `register-val-describe` should handle the case
>> where they are set to that value instead of a function.
> The "unprintable entity" comes from desktop--v2s, looks like it doesn't
> handle compiled function values, so that's why :print-func and
> :insert-func get messed up like that.
>> I’ve also seen “Unprintable entity” show up when a buffer position
>> register points to a nonexistent buffer. Not sure how to reproduce
>> that one.
> I guess if you save a position in a buffer, then kill the buffer.
Here is what I found: if the killed buffer visits a file, it gets converted 
into a file-query. If there is no `buffer-file-name` then it stays a file 
marker pointing to nowhere. Desktop handles both of those cases correctly. So 
while I have seen it happen I’m not sure of the case where a buffer position 
register becomes an “Unprintable entity”. Did you find reproduction steps?


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