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bug#35887: 26.1; global-eldoc-mode minibuffer noise is very annoying

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#35887: 26.1; global-eldoc-mode minibuffer noise is very annoying
Date: Sat, 25 May 2019 10:00:02 +0200

> The minibuffer is where I expect to find useful editor feedback.  When
> things happen there I look to see what it is telling me.  Sometimes it
> is an error message.  Sometimes it is direct dialog interaction such
> as for find-file.  Sometimes it is simply information such as "Mark
> set".  But with global-eldoc-mode enabled it is continously posting
> distractions in the minibuffer that I must look at, read and
> comprehend, and then ignore.  This increases the editing workload.
> This increases use fatigue.

I find error messages like "Beginning of buffer" (and the accompanying
beep) and informative messages like "Mark set" much more annoying.
What's worse: I see no practical way to turn these off which means
that I have to decide whether I want to use the mouse-wheel to scroll
an Emacs buffer or to switch off my loudspeakers.  And obviously the
echo area and the *Messages* buffer get crowded with these completely
useless (for me) informations.

So while I agree with you that ‘global-eldoc-mode’ should never have
been enabled by default, I consider it a minor annoyance compared to
the ones I described above.  At least you've found out how to turn it


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