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bug#35969: 26.2, Excorporate

From: Thomas Fitzsimmons
Subject: bug#35969: 26.2, Excorporate
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 13:02:23 -0400
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"tenspd137 ." <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi - thanks for the reply.  Here are the steps I took (I had to
> configure the proxy as well....):
> M-: (setq url-proxy-services '(("http" . "web-proxy:8080") ("https" . 
> "web-proxy:8080")))
> M-: (setq url-debug t)
> M-: (url-retrieve-synchronously "https://server/EWS/Exchange.asmx";)
> -Asks for name and password-, I fill them in.....

OK, I think the buffer contents you pasted are fine/expected; it's the
web site saying you're unauthorized, which then causes "url" to prompt
for credentials.  That part seems to have worked through the proxies.

Then the url library created a second buffer:

" *http outlook.office365.com:443*-229815"

which I'm inferring from the logs contained "400 Bad Request" headers.
I'm not sure why that might be; I haven't tried Emacs's url proxy
support before.  That said, I'd like to keep trying to fix this since
I'd like Excorporate to work via proxies.

You could try an unauthenticated site to see if that works through the
proxies, e.g.:

[same initial steps]
M-: (url-retrieve-synchronously "https://www.gnu.org/";)

and then a different authenticated site, like this test page:

M-: (url-retrieve-synchronously "https://httpbin.org/basic-auth/user/passwd";)

Username: user
Password: passwd

If that all works, then we'll have to figure out why url proxy support
is not working with the Exchange server specifically.


> But - just for reference - here is what is in the file I receive when
> I use wget:
>  wget --user address@hidden --password xxxxxxxxxxx 
> https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx
> [successful output]

Are you configuring wget to use the same proxies as in the Emacs
attempt, via the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables?


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