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bug#36678: 27.0.50; imenu not working in C++ (maybe because of namespace

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: bug#36678: 27.0.50; imenu not working in C++ (maybe because of namespace)
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2019 22:25:27 -0400

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  > The future (again IMO) for indexing and code introspection is in LSP:
  > there are very good LSP servers for C++ that are free (I use ccls
  > personally) and there are also very good LSP clients for Emacs (I use
  > lsp-mode).

Using a server to do your ocmputing job is bad for your freedom
(unless it's your own server).  We call it Service as a Software Substitute

Since you don't control the code running someone else's service.  it
is never "free" the way a program can be free.  It's not a solution,
it's a problem.

  >   And of course there are LSP servers for many languages
  > which can all be used with the same LSP client.  Since the servers are
  > external (ccls is based on clang)

That is not a moral issue but it is something we don't want to support.
Let's make GNU Emacs do a better job of this.

Dr Richard Stallman
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