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bug#19461: 25.0.50; doc of `display-buffer-*' functions that take ALIST

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#19461: 25.0.50; doc of `display-buffer-*' functions that take ALIST arg
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2019 11:23:51 +0200

>> Saying what it is is non-trivial, see section 28.13.3 of the Elisp
>> manual.  So I have no good idea how to do what you propose.
> If saying what it is is non-trivial for the
> maintainers, and I'm sure you're right about
> that, then imagine the difficulty of a user to
> understand what it is, especially if we do not
> say what it is.

Non-trivial means that it would require some twenty or more lines of
text to describe the construction of the ALIST argument from its
various sources not even counting a listing of its potential
constituents.  And this would then have to be duplicated among the
doc-strings of all these functions.

> If it can be said only in the manual, then the
> doc string can, I guess, just punt with a link
> to the appropriate section of the manual.

Eli has done that now.


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