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bug#36566: 27.0.50; debug is sometimes horribly slow

From: Gemini Lasswell
Subject: bug#36566: 27.0.50; debug is sometimes horribly slow
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2019 12:53:08 -0700
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Noam Postavsky <address@hidden> writes:

>> ...by modifying the logic in print_preprocess to not create a hash table
>> if the top-level object is a string with no properties.
> This last idea sounds like a straightforward win to me, with no obvious
> drawbacks.  I mean, no point in allocating a hash table if we can
> cheaply detect it will never be used, right?

I made that change, and then, in studying the uses of
print-number-table, found more cases in which allocated hash tables were
never used.  Since 2011 when byte-compile-disable-print-circle was
marked obsolete and 2012 when commit 4ae29f89be changed the logic in
print_object, the only time print-number-table gets used is when
print-circle is non-nil.

Because of that observation, I have added a patch which makes it so that
print_preprocess is only called to create print-number-table when
print_circle is non-nil.  The patch also simplifies print_preprocess
accordingly.  In order to test that change thoroughly I added a couple
new print tests and reorganized the existing print tests so that all
functionality common between print.c and cl-print.el is now tested by
the same tests, located in src/print-tests.el.

Michael's use case is down to 0.7s on my machine.

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