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bug#13400: 23.4; overlapping process filter calls

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#13400: 23.4; overlapping process filter calls
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2019 05:03:24 -0400
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> That sounds like it would equivalent to setting the process' filter
> function to t while running its body.


> If you try that with the example in the OP, you get a deadlock,
> because the subprocess' pipe becomes full as Emacs stops reading it,
> and its input pipe becomes full so Emacs gets stuck when trying to
> send data to it.

Indeed.  It's a classic problem with popen-like setups.

It's a problem if Emacs itself gets stuck preventing other things to
run, but otherwise I don't see it as a real problem: the OP's example
is artificial.

> I thought you meant something more like my make-buffered-filter example,
> where Emacs would still read from the process, but not call the filter
> function with the new data until the current invocation ends (i.e.,
> Emacs would just temporarily save the data).

That's another option.


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