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bug#36779: 25.1; mouse click not recognized for frames with large left p

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#36779: 25.1; mouse click not recognized for frames with large left position
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 10:59:26 +0200

>>    . We generally avoid naming proprietary products, and instead say
>>      something like "some proprietary X servers".
> I gave the (link to) details of the X server (while avoiding to write
> the product name, though the address includes it, which in fact may be
> useful when searching the file for the former as long as the case is
> ignored) since I was asked to do so.  The description "some
> proprietary X servers" is not factual since (at least) I am not aware
> of any other X server that exhibits the problem.  I had considered
> "some proprietary X server" of course but that does not seem to give
> useful information (if we keep the description vague, what is the
> purpose of the file?).

I agree with Eijiro and consider his description quite tactful in this

>>    . The part that this problem is only known to happen with Emacs
>>      doesn't seem important (this is, after all, a file that deals
>>      solely with Emacs-related problems), and I'd omit it.
> That part is important since, while the manufacturer says the problem
> is due to a limitation of the X server, it seems to happen only to
> Emacs, which greatly confused me and is crucial information for
> possible users in the same situation.

This part could be omitted if we left in the reference to the bug

>    . I'd prefer not to send the reader to read the bug discussion, and
>>      instead would tell here the important parts of what was said there
>>      that clarify the issue (if there are such details there).
> I linked to this discussion since the "details" are too complex to be
> summarized in "a few lines" (as I was instructed).  Personally, I wish
> if other entries in the file also included links to more detailed
> discussions!

Since I often miss such links too I strongly agree with Eijiro.

>>    . We usually try to describe some workarounds -- do they exist in
>>      this case?
> The workaround is to avoid changing the monitor configuration after
> the X server has started (or, equivalently, restart the X server every
> time after such a change), which I believe is already clear from my
> description.

Still that workaround should be explicitly mentioned.


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