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bug#37007: Problem with the menu-bars in mode "org" and "auctex"

From: Anders Rydvall
Subject: bug#37007: Problem with the menu-bars in mode "org" and "auctex"
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2019 13:38:46 +0200
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Yes, I meant "dragging" the mouse.

Wrong entries are not only associated with latex mode. Here example on calender:holiday going into org-mode(cal_hol.png; org_hol.png). Corruption of menu from other mode.

When starting emacs -Q I cant see any different behavior. Invoking dired with C-x d or M-x dired give the same result - incomplete menues as shown in dired1. However "dragging" the mouse opens the menues shown in dired2.

Den 2019-08-17 kl. 10:24, skrev martin rudalics:
> It seems to be by random(I am maybe not enough systematic). At one
> occasion all menus came up correctly in
> latexmode((latexOK.png). Next try came with obviously corrupted
> command-menu(latex_wrongCommand.png). I get those by dragging the
> mouse from "tools" upwards and then down to "preview". But not every
> time.

I suppose you mean just "moving" the mouse, here we use "dragging" for
moving the mouse with one of its buttons pressed.  Are "tools" and
"peview" submenus of the latex menu?

> Today I cant get the correct menues for org-mode
> directly(0rg1.org2,org3) but, at one occasion, skifting from
> latexmode after I got the menus there the menues come also in
> org-mode though not the correct "text"(org4.png).

Are all wrong entries somewhat related to latex?  From the text above
it sounds so.  But since you earlier said that 'dired' had similar
problems ...

I would try to isolate the problematic modes first, if there are any.
For example, if you start Emacs with -Q and invoke 'dired', can you
produce the problem?

> Downgrading Emacs?? In that case to what version? Is it in that case
> necessary also to downgrade GTK??

It depends.  If the problem is in the GTK version, it might help to
downgrade GTK only (not really advisable if other applications depend
on a GTK library).  In either case, downgrading anything should be the
last option to try.


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