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bug#37079: 26.2.90 feature request; bury-frame command for desktop-wm

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#37079: 26.2.90 feature request; bury-frame command for desktop-wm
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 09:36:54 +0200

>> What should 'bury-frame' do?  In which sense would it be different
>> from 'lower-frame'?  How would you return-back-to a buried frame?
> The two terms are synonymous.  I searched for the idea closest to
> 'lower-frame' on the web and used 'bury-frame' in this feature
> request for the reason that `bury' is what is done to move a buffer
> to the `bottom' of a 'listing of buffers'.

Whatever 'bury-buffer' does, it's effect can be fully controlled by
Emacs itself.  'lower-frame' has Emacs ask the window manager to put
the window of an Emacs frame at the bottom of the z-order of visible
windows.  Thereafter, the effect of this operation is completely with
the window manager and Emacs has no control over it.

> Use case: I am editing within an Emacs frame.  I context switch to
> another app and want to lower (or bury) the Emacs frame with a quick
> keyboard shortcut.

So all you want is that Emacs by default assigns a keyboard shortcut
to 'lower-frame'.  Which combination did you have in mind?

> After completing the task at the other app which
> has taken my hand to the mouse I want to continue on that lowered
> Emacs frame by clicking on that.  To bury the frame completely
> without any part of it showing for mouse clicking to raise is a
> corner case I may not want all of the time.

You mean lowering the frame would continue to show parts of it not
hidden by other applications' windows while minimizing the frame would
not show aynthing.  I still wonder why you don't just actively switch
to that other application's window (with the mouse or via Alt-Tab)
instead of using 'lower-frame' which would just passively reveal the
window that happens to be beneath the one of the Emacs frame.


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