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bug#5806: Tai Viet script

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#5806: Tai Viet script
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 17:08:37 -0700
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Andreas Schwab <address@hidden> writes:

> language/tai-viet.el contains some encoding errors, apparently the
> conversion from the temporary PUA encoding was erroneous.  I've tried to
> fix it by comparing the glyphs from the "Unified Thai (20.02.2006)" font
> with the "Tai Heritage Pro" font from sil.org, but some characters still
> look wrong (ꪁ ꪅ ꪰ) when compared with the version from VietThai-0.9, and
> one character () is still encoded in the temporary encoding where I
> cannot find a replacement.


> -           (sample-text . "TaiViet (ꪁꪫꪱꪣ ꪽꪕ)\t\tꪅꪰꪙ꫃ ꪨꪮ꫃ ꪁꪫꪱ / ꪅꪾ ꪨ� ꪁꪫꪱ")
> +           (sample-text . "TaiViet (ꪁꪫꪱꪣ ꪼꪕ)\t\tꪅꪰꪙꫂ ꪨꪮꫂ ꪁꪫꪱ / ꪅꪽ ꪨꪷ ꪁꪫꪱ")
>             (documentation . "\


> -    http://www.m17n.org/TaiViet/
> +    http://www.m17n.org/viettai/
>  ")))

As far as I can tell, you applied this patch a few months later, so I'm
closing this bug report now.

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