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bug#31405: 25.3; Python.el doesn't provide infos to info-lookup-symbol

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: bug#31405: 25.3; Python.el doesn't provide infos to info-lookup-symbol
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 09:04:21 +0200

address@hidden writes:

> tags 31405 + moreinfo
> quit
> address@hidden (S├ębastien Gendre) writes:
>> In a buffer with python-mode, after run Emacs function
>> 'info-lookup-symbol', Emacs ask which mode would provide him infos about
>> Python symbols. I can choose between c-mode, awk-mode, etc, but there's
>> no python-mode provided. :(
>> It would be nice if python-mode provide infos about Python symbols.
>> Informations about Python symbols can be found with the executable
>> 'pydoc' provided with the Python interpreter.
> Does 'pydoc' provide output formatted as .info though?  Not sure if this
> feature request makes sense.

Sphinx is used to generate Python docs AFAIK, and it supports info
format output.  There is also the MELPA package python-info which is
"a simple Emacs package to provide an info manual for Python":


Perhaps we should support that use case in vanilla Emacs?  One can
always hope that more GNU/Linux distributions takes the hint and
starts generating and shipping the info files for Python.  (And that
interested users files bugs with their respective GNU/Linux
distribution, Homebrew for OSX, etc. if they don't already do that.)

Stefan Kangas

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