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bug#38918: 26.3; EBDB fails to edit (add) tags

From: Jorge P . de Morais Neto
Subject: bug#38918: 26.3; EBDB fails to edit (add) tags
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 10:49:39 -0300

Em [2020-01-07 ter 09:37:02-0800], Eric Abrahamsen escreveu:

> This is definitely on the roadmap, and taking me too long.  Presumably
> you'd export your Gmail contacts as a vCard file?  Or something else?

It seems Gmail supports vCard and two CSV variants[1].  I do not know
which works best.

  [1]: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-export-your-gmail-contacts-1171992

> I'm in the middle of writing a vCard parser, which is actually a
> separate library from EBDB (so other software can use it), but will be
> used in EBDB code.

Great!  Thank you.

> For the undo feature, please -- it's not high priority but it would be
> good to keep track of.

I'll do.

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