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bug#39902: 28.0.50; Marking in dired with active region

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#39902: 28.0.50; Marking in dired with active region
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 23:58:35 +0200
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> It's _not_ good to express it in the terms you described:
> as being about including or excluding the limit at the
> region end.  That's not it at all, IMO.
> This should be expressed in terms of the behavior being
> either line-oriented (as is nearly all of Dired) or
> file-name oriented.
> Put differently, the description should say that the
> two choices are these:
> 1. Mark if _any_ part of the file's line is selected.
> 2. Mark if _all_ of the file name is selected.
> (Where "selected" means "in the region".)
> That's much clearer, I think.  It's expressed in terms
> of what users do and see.  Either you need to select
> some part of the line or you need to select all of the
> file name.  What could be simpler?
> (Anyway, I'm glad we've more or less reached agreement.)

Thanks, now the option is changed to provide two values to distinguish
line/file name based cases instead of exclusive/inclusive.

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