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bug#39824: 26.2; timers sometimes stop working when coming back from sle

From: Gijs Hillenius
Subject: bug#39824: 26.2; timers sometimes stop working when coming back from sleep
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 15:55:47 +0100
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On 25 March 2020 16:37 Eli Zaretskii, wrote:

>> From: Gijs Hillenius <address@hidden>
>> Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 09:27:28 +0100
>> Since Sunday, I've been running emacs¹ from GDB, but there is nothing
>> much to report. At startup, init.el sets  (run-at-time "10:35" 21600
>> 'org-mobile-push). It ran on Sunday, but not on Monday (yesterday) -
>> despite a good night's sleep.
>> Today (Tuesday), M-x timer-list shows:
>>       -59170.00   360.00 org-mobile-push
>> and from describe-variable timer-list :
>> ([t 24184 55076 0 21600 org-mobile-push nil nil 0]
> The time of this timer is 23-Mar-2020 16:35 +0100.  This probably
> means the timer did run at 10:35 that day, but you seem to say it
> didn't.  Are you sure?  If it didn't run, we might have 2 mysteries
> here instead of just one (the second one being how come the timer
> didn't run, but the time it should run was updated).

It's safe to assume it ran on Monday. (Sorry)


> Can you instrument timer-event-handler, such that it will record in
> some buffer everything that happens with the timer that calls
> org-mobile-push?  In particular, is it possible that you put the
> machine to sleep while the timer is running?

Yes! This'll be fun!

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