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bug#42536: 28.0.50; Test vc-test-svn00-create-repo failing if snvadmin p

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#42536: 28.0.50; Test vc-test-svn00-create-repo failing if snvadmin program not installed
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 14:49:03 +0200
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Philipp <p.stephani2@gmail.com> writes:

> This is another follow-up to Bug#30700.  In this case, it's probably
> unrelated to macOS, and the SVN tests should simply check whether SVN is
> actually installed.  However, since the tests are autogenerated by a
> macro, this isn't entirely trivial:
> Test vc-test-svn00-create-repo backtrace:
>   call-process("svnadmin" nil t nil "create" "SVN")

Hm...  I don't have svn on my Linux laptop either, and the svn tests are
just not done there.  So why are they performed on an svn-less Macos


larsi@space test % svn
svn: error: The subversion command line tools are no longer provided by Xcode.


(defun vc-test--svn-enabled ()
  (executable-find vc-svn-program))

evaluates to true, even if there's no useable svn on the system.  Thank
you, Apple!

I've now amended the test to check for svnadmin, too.

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