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bug#41225: [PATCH] Show bookmark list in new tab

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#41225: [PATCH] Show bookmark list in new tab
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 13:47:38 +0200
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Matthias Meulien <orontee@gmail.com> writes:

> A small patch that adds a customize choice to `tab-bar-new-tab-choice`
> in order to show bookmark list in new tab.


> +When the 'bookmark.el' library is loaded, a customize choice is added
> +to 'tab-bar-new-tab-choice' for new tab to show the bookmark list.

Makes sense to me.

> +;;;###autoload
> +(defun bookmark-bmenu-get-buffer ()
> +  "Return the Bookmark List, building it if it doesn't exists.
> +Don't affect the buffer ring order."
> +  (cond
> +     ((get-buffer bookmark-bmenu-buffer))
> +     (t (save-excursion
> +       (save-window-excursion
> +         (bookmark-bmenu-list)
> +         (get-buffer bookmark-bmenu-buffer))))))

I changed this bit into an `or' before committing.

> +(nconc (get 'tab-bar-new-tab-choice 'custom-type)
> +       '((const :tag "Bookmark List" bookmark-bmenu-get-buffer)))

And I'm not sure this is safe.  For one, if you load the file twice,
you'll get this added twice.  And it's destructively modifying a list
that's dumped with Emacs, which I think is undefined behaviour?

So I've added a new utility function custom-add-choice to custom.el that
checks for double entry, and doesn't modify anything destructively, and
pushed this to Emacs 28.1.

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