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bug#40636: [PATCH] Fix `eval-after-load' hooks not running on eln files.

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#40636: [PATCH] Fix `eval-after-load' hooks not running on eln files.
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 14:53:07 +0200
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Andrew Whatson <whatson@gmail.com> writes:

> After loading, `do-after-load-evaluation' is called with "the absolute
> true name of a file just loaded".  The `eval-after-load-helper' hook was
> comparing this with `load-file-name' containing the mangled file name,
> so never running.
> * lisp/subr.el (eval-after-load): Compare against `load-true-file-name'
>   to properly detect the loading of native-compiled files.


> -                   (let ((lfn load-file-name)
> +                   (let ((lfn load-true-file-name)

This is for the native-comp branch, I guess?  I had a look at it, and it
looks like a similar patch was applied the same day this bug report was
filed, so I'm closing this bug report.

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