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bug#39512: 28.0.50; Add command isearch-yank-region

From: Tino Calancha
Subject: bug#39512: 28.0.50; Add command isearch-yank-region
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 19:00:10 +0200 (CEST)
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On Mon, 10 Aug 2020, Juri Linkov wrote:

I think this addition makes sense...  was there any particular reason
it's not applied?

I really don't see a need for adding isearch-yank-region.  I think that
isearch-forward-region proposed by Ergus should be sufficient because
typing 'M-s M-.' (bound globally to isearch-forward-region) even when
isearch mode is active, will exit Isearch and restart Isearch with the
contents of the still active region added to the search string.
This will cover all cases requested here with just one new command:

I am OK with this; it is a good addition.

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