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bug#37417: 26.3; [PATCH] Isearch yank text at point improvements

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#37417: 26.3; [PATCH] Isearch yank text at point improvements
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 02:45:19 +0300
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>> Actually there are several diverse features mingled in the same patch.
>> Do you think all of them might be useful to add to isearch.el?
>> I doubt that many users might want to use them.
> OK, so your objection wasn't the lack of the use of the seq library, but
> that the patch implements functionality you don't think is useful?

Actually I expressed this opinion in context of my own situation that
is similar to this feature request - some time ago I wrote a patch
for isearch.el that implements a new feature of displaying numeric hints
on each visible lazy-isearch match.  But then my doubt was that it will
impact the size of isearch.el that is already one of the biggest files
in the Emacs repository.  Then I rewrote the patch using the seq library
that helped to squeeze the patch down to a couple dozen of lines,
but still I doubt the usefulness of my implemented feature.
This is why I decided to release it as a separate package.
So this is what I suggest to do with features that are not in high demand,
or are stil experimental, or are too big to fit into the existing packages.

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