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bug#21477: 24.4; Imenu - improper parse of shell function names

From: Matthew Persico (BLOOMBERG/ 919 3RD A)
Subject: bug#21477: 24.4; Imenu - improper parse of shell function names
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 15:57:12 -0000

I asked on bug-bash:

The bash-20191127 snapshot updated the manpage documentation for a
function definition (to align with reality). It is now defined as:

function fname [()] compound-command [redirection]

and includes the description:

When in posix mode, fname must be a valid shell name and may not be the
name of one of the POSIX special builtins. In default mode, a function
name can be any unquoted shell word that does not contain $.

For context:

word - A sequence of characters considered as a single unit by the
shell. Also known as a token.

name - A word consisting only of alphanumeric characters and
underscores, and beginning with an alphabetic character or an
underscore. Also referred to as an identifier.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

I guess you could go full-on and change the function name match pattern to be a "word" or just add the '-' to it for now to be safe.

From: schwab@linux-m68k.org At: 08/12/20 10:54:40
To: Matthew Persico (BLOOMBERG/ 919 3RD A )
Cc: stefan@marxist.se, 21477@debbugs.gnu.org
Subject: Re: bug#21477: 24.4; Imenu - improper parse of shell function names

On Aug 12 2020, Matthew Persico (BLOOMBERG/ 919 3RD A) wrote:

> I can reproduce this behaviour, but is it really a bug? Aren't the
> names with '-' invalid?

It's a POSIX extension, enforced in POSIX mode:

13. Function names must be valid shell 'name's. That is, they may not
contain characters other than letters, digits, and underscores, and
may not start with a digit. Declaring a function with an invalid
name causes a fatal syntax error in non-interactive shells.


Andreas Schwab, schwab@linux-m68k.org
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