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bug#41994: Emacs on Apple ARM devices

From: Roland Kaufmann
Subject: bug#41994: Emacs on Apple ARM devices
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 00:10:22 +0200
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RK> Code generation on Apple's ARM devices ... expect a code
RK> signature section ... This changeset implements those changes
RK> on the Mach-O dumper

RP> Are these ... still needed now that emacs-27 has a portable
RP> dumper?

This may be a case of incredible bad timing, as I haven't kept up on the development of the pdumper. Doing some light reading up on it now, it seems to me that it does the loading from a custom file format instead of writing a native executable.

Evidently, this renders any improvements on the unexec code moot, although it's still in the tree, I guess for platforms where the pdumper is not yet fully tested, so I understand the reluctance to spend any more scarce time on it.

AT> I suspect the patch to configure.ac might be needed even for AT> the pdumpder?

Yes, although one could discuss if the concept of ported/unported status still applies in the same way once there is the pdumper.

Yours sincerely,

Roland Kaufmann

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