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bug#23373: 25.0.93; dired-mark-sexp misinterprets file sizes if dired-li

From: Jorge Morais Neto
Subject: bug#23373: 25.0.93; dired-mark-sexp misinterprets file sizes if dired-listing-switches contains --block-size='1
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 10:58:39 -0300

Em ter., 11 de ago. de 2020 às 23:41, Stefan Kangas
<stefan@marxist.se> escreveu:
> I use:
>    (setq dired-listing-switches "-alh")
> Would that solve your use-case?

It would mostly solve my use case, but I have found a better solution:
num3-mode (package from GNU ELPA).

If you decide to leave the Dired code as is (despite the remark of Juri
Linkov) then I suggest documenting this incompatibility (as I said in the
original message) and possibly mention num3-mode.

Best regards

PS: I have since moved out of Gmail into Disroot, a more ethical
(software freedom and privacy) provider of email and other services.
This is now a secondary account, which I check once a week for messages
that still get sent to the old address.  Please send replies to my
jorge+list AT-SIGN disroot.org account.

- I am Brazilian.  I hope my English is correct and I welcome feedback

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