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bug#42753: 26.3; `info-lookup.el': Add all manuals delivered by `emacs -

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: bug#42753: 26.3; `info-lookup.el': Add all manuals delivered by `emacs -Q', for `emacs-lisp-mode'
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 16:22:40 +0200
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Drew Adams <drew.adams@oracle.com> writes:

Hi Drew,

> ___
> FWIW and IIUC, it's not really about "`C-h S' _in_
> emacs-lisp-mode".  It's about Emacs-Lisp symbols in
> manuals (indexes of manuals).  The Dired-X manual,
> for instance, is not at all about Emacs-Lisp mode.
> A separate info-lookup feature looks at the current
> mode and takes it into account.  IIUC, there's nothing
> in info-look.el that requires or assumes that the
> current mode determines the kind of things to look up.
> For example, a 3rd-party library that provides a link
> for manual look-up when in `C-h f' *Help* (and there
> are a few such libraries) does not make any use of the
> current mode (which is `help-mode').  `C-h f' is about
> Elisp functions, so the manuals to look in are those
> that have entries for Elisp functions in one or more
> indexes.
> ___
> And as I said in the bug report, I may misunderstand
> but it seems like there is no easy/good way for a
> user or library to simply extend the predefined
> behavior to, say, cover another manual (whose index
> has Elisp symbols).  It seems like the behavior is
> essentially chiseled in stone when info-look.el is
> loaded - a once-and-for-all configuration of which
> manuals to check.
> If I understand that correctly, then that's the real,
> underlying bug that should be fixed (not just fix the
> predefined list of manuals handled).  If it were easy
> to simply "add" a manual (e.g. Dired-X) to those
> handling Elisp symbols then users and 3rd-party code
> could do that.  Similarly, for subtracting a manual etc.
> They could, themselves optimize (or not) any choice
> or conditionalization of manual inclusion, and the
> same for the regexps to use.
> IOW, a proper bug fix (IIUC what's happening) would
> be to give users easy control over info-lookup
> behavior.  I'd be happy to learn that I'm mistaken
> and that's already the case - and how to do that.
> I didn't find it so.

Tramp does this for its own symbols in tramp-integration.el, see block

(with-eval-after-load 'info-look

It's a little bit hacky; a more simple interface for self-registration
would be appreciated.

Best regards, Michael.

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