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bug#22118: 23.2; Hitting ^W in a search selects the wrong word.

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: bug#22118: 23.2; Hitting ^W in a search selects the wrong word.
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 09:48:57 -0700
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Juri Linkov <juri@linkov.net> writes:

>> Is the below patch still relevant?
> I don't know.  My patch tried to make the behavior in case of error
> slightly more useful, but now I see nothing useful in it because
> after a failure it makes no sense to type C-w C-w C-w ...
> I don't recommend making code in isearch.el more complicated to handle
> useless cases.  So I won't complain if you'll close this report.  :-)

Jan-Mark <jms@codersco.com> writes:

>> OK, thanks.  Any objections to closing this?
> I don't remember even what this was about. But ^W should not add words at the 
> cursor if the
> search failed to match. Which is different from the search failing because it 
> is at the last
> match (about to warp to the first match again).
> If the word 'aapX' is not in my text, 'aap noot' is, and I search for 'aapX' 
> it brings me to
> 'aap noot' with a failure notice. If I than type ^W it should not start 
> looking for 'aapX noot'.
> Just take the ^W out of the game in cases like this. I mean if 'aapX' cannot 
> be found (even
> once) why should you allow people to look for 'aapX noot'?
> I still feel it is a bug, but I agree that it will not hit many people often. 
> I have this once
> every 1000 hours (estimate). So it's not a big bug. But a bug nonetheless.
> If there is bigger bugs to fry, close it, if it is an easy fix (should be?) 
> I'd say fix it first.


Juri feels that we should close this bug as a wontfix because it is not
worth complicating the isearch code over this.

Testing this again, I'm leaning more towards fixing the bug.  I think
there is definitely a bug here (the recipe in OP is still reproducible
on master), but it is very minor.  We also already have a proposed fix.

I considered also the use case when you have 'isearch-wrapped' set to a
non-nil value, which would make yank after last occurrence more useful.
I do remember having seen stuff similar to this in the past.
(Unfortunately I no longer use isearch and can't remember the exact
details, or if it was this exact bug.)

I therefore propose to push the proposed changes to master.  The
complexity is localized to only one function, which is already in itself
not too complicated.  I've attached a patch with proper ChangeLog for

Juri, if you are still not convinced, we can go ahead and close this as
wontfix.  I'm okay with either option.

Best regards,
Stefan Kangas

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