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bug#13228: [External] : Re: bug#13228: Request for highlighting back-quo

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#13228: [External] : Re: bug#13228: Request for highlighting back-quote/quote pair notation.
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 16:25:52 +0000

> > What more info were you looking for?
> An answer to the first question, for instance?

It's pretty clear from the OP that this is about
highlighting Info buffers.  What there isn't
clear to you?

   How can I add such highlighting for Info buffers
   in my config?


   So `' quoting style is common for info files.
   I checked it was used for function selection in
   libc and readline info files. Also it was used
   in GNU Make, R, Autotool and other manuals.

   So having highlighting for `' in info mode is
   good thing for Emacs user (compare with
   emacs-lisp-mode, where it was highlighted).

The only mention of texinfo was to say that it
uses ` and ' to produce left and right (single)
quote chars in Info output.

The fact that the quote chars produced for Info
changed after the bug was filed, from ` and ' to
curly quotes is irrelevant to the request.  The
request is not about highlighting in .texinfo
buffers or anything of the sort.  It is, as it
says, about highlighting quoted text in Info.

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