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bug#49261: 28.0.50; File Locking Breaks Presumptuous Toolchains

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: bug#49261: 28.0.50; File Locking Breaks Presumptuous Toolchains
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 20:46:57 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/28.0.50 (gnu/linux)

Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> writes:

>> > I suggested a compromise: disable it by default, but not via the
>> > transform function.  I think it's more natural, but even if you
>> > disagree, would it do as a compromise?
>> I'm OK with another user option to disable it, it doesn't matter too
>> much. But I'm not sure whether we shall disable it by default: nobody(*)
>> will enable it ever, and all the effort would be wasted.
> Now _I_ am confused: didn't you say that we _should_ disable it by
> default for remote files, because that was how Emacs worked until now?
> Or what did I miss?

No. I meant we shall provide the *possibility* to disable it, because it
didn't exist before.

If I have written something which reads different, it is because of my
limited English.

Best regards, Michael.

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