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bug#18017: 24.4.50; Isearch case sensitivity broken/confusing

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#18017: 24.4.50; Isearch case sensitivity broken/confusing
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 02:39:07 +0300
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>> Did you mean `C-s M-c add C-s' in the last key sequence
>> (that finds all case-insensitive)?  You have to use M-c to toggle
>> case-sensitivity for case-fold-search that you set to nil.
>> And `C-s C-s' naturally restores case-sensitivity of the
>> previous search string, but it's possible to configure this
>> using `isearch-keep-mode-variables' from bug#11378.
> The patch from bug#11378 was apparently never applied?  I think it
> sounds like a good idea to let the user control whether `C-s C-s' should
> also restore the case sensitivity of the previous match or not.

Recently Augusto proposed fresh ideas on emacs-devel
that could also be taken into account.

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