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bug#13889: lenient loading, feature request

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: bug#13889: lenient loading, feature request
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 08:56:40 +0200
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On 15.07.21 08:36, Lars Ingebrigtsen wrote:
Andreas Röhler <andreas.roehler@easy-emacs.de> writes:

It might be a better idea to have a command that would continue
loading from where it stopped.  This would allow the user to fix
manually whatever was broken, and then continue from there.
Probably both is useful.
Someone might face a deadline the very day.
Emacs must work. No time to fix errors just now...
Error must not be as simple as a missing parenthesis.
Also imagine colleagues around, awaiting the result, wondering what
the guy is doing ;)
Popping up the .emacs file with point where the error is would be more
helpful than the current:

Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading ‘/home/larsi/.emacs’:

Invalid read syntax: ), 1, 0

I'm not sure how a general "continue loading" switch would work.  It's
easy enough if there's a command that's erroring out -- we could ignore
the error and continue loading.  But if it's a read-level error, then we
don't really know where to continue loading from.

I guess we could advance point by one character and try again in a loop
-- that'd usually get us past the error points after a while...

Thought at something like

(unwind-protect BODYFORM UNWINDFORMS...)

here as

(unwind-protect load-current load-remaining...)

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