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bug#459: Zero-length overlays, overlay keymaps, and `overlays-at'

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#459: Zero-length overlays, overlay keymaps, and `overlays-at'
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 15:46:38 +0200
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Toby Cubitt <toby@dr-qubit.org> writes:

> The OP on this was so much younger when he submitted the bug report,
> he might as well have been a different person :)


> Still seems surprising to me that overlays-at won't return all
> overlays "at" point, but overlays-in will return overlays that
> technically aren't "in" the specified region.

Yes, it's pretty surprising, so I've noted this in the `overlays-at' doc

> This first bug in the report still seems to be there in current stable
> Emacs. Is the intention to dismiss that first bug as "won't fix", too?
> Just flagging, in case that part got missed.

I didn't check that bit, since you said:

Looking through NEWS.22, I came upon the following:

*** The `keymap' property now also works at the ends of overlays and
text properties, according to their stickiness.  This also means that it
works with empty overlays.  The same hold for the `local-map' property.

So the first issue I reported is already fixed! (In exactly the way I
suggested, which makes me suspect that future-bug might now have been
fixed too... :) However, this behaviour isn't documented in the Emacs
Lisp manual (unless I've overlooked something yet again), which *is* a

Oh, I missed the bit about the missing documentation?  Is that what
you're referring to?

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