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bug#49645: 28.0.50; Bookmark line highlighting remain stuck

From: Christopher League
Subject: bug#49645: 28.0.50; Bookmark line highlighting remain stuck
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 10:34:54 -0400

Marius Kjeldahl <marius.kjeldahl@gmail.com> writes:

> A few months ago highlighting the bookmark lines got turned on
> by default. While it's possible to delete bookmarks, the
> highlighting seems to remain stuck. Setting and clearing many
> temporary bookmarks while working in code means the the code
> gets littered with such highlights. I haven't found any way of
> cleaning up those highlights, except killing the buffer and
> reloading the file. I've turned it off by setting
> bookmark-fontify. But surely, the current behaviour must be
> considered a bug.

Hi Marius,

I think today we committed a fix for this issue of stuck bookmark

Can you confirm that it resolves the problem you saw?

If you're not building from git regularly, you should be able to
just download the most recent bookmark.el from here and
‘eval-buffer’ it to test:

In my analysis, clearing the highlight worked previously when
using ‘bookmark-delete’, but not when overwriting an existing
bookmark with a new location. The current version should fix it.


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