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bug#49761: file-cache-minibuffer-complete has become unusable for duplic

From: Aaron Cohen
Subject: bug#49761: file-cache-minibuffer-complete has become unusable for duplicate file names in MacOSX 27.x emacs
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 12:22:12 -0700

In previous versions of emacs for the last decade, `file-cache-minibuffer-complete` (C-Tab) worked well for me.

But in the MacOSX 27.x emacs series, it ceased to be able to handle duplicate file names with extensions.  (It could never handle duplicate file names with no extension, but that never bothered me much, as the only files without extensions I need to visit are the Procfile and Gemfile in the root of the project trees, which are easy to find manually.)

For example, I usually have around 5 projects in my file cache, and currently across those 5 projects there are 8 files named `dashboard.rb`.

Previously, as soon as I'd gotten C-Tab to complete the file name to `dashboard.rb`, continuing to hit C-Tab would cycle through the 8 files in their various directories.

But starting in the 27.x series, C-Tab gets "stuck" on the first file named `dashboard.rb`, and refuses to cycle through the remaining files with that name.  (And again, this is always the behavior it has exhibited for files without extensions: it gets stuck on the first instance, refusing to cycle through additional instances.)

Also, perhaps relevantly, the behavior of the point while hitting C-Tab repeatedly on an incomplete file name changed in version 27: it now jumps to the beginning of the file name while the name is partially complete.  (In previous versions, it would remain at the end of incomplete file names, or wherever I'd moved it to in the minibuffer.)

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!!

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