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bug#49785: [DOC] About Lisp Data Types

From: Kevin Vigouroux
Subject: bug#49785: [DOC] About Lisp Data Types
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 20:52:05 +0200

Some expressions about data types are convoluted or could be more

[[info:elisp#Some Terms]]

    [...] that convert textual representations of Lisp objects into
    actual Lisp objects, and vice versa.

[[info:elisp#Lisp Data Types]]

    Objects of the same type have similar structures and may usually be
    used in the same contexts.

    [...] the primitive type of each object is implicit in the object

    [...] Such type declarations do not exist in Emacs Lisp. A Lisp
    variable can have any type of value, and it remembers whatever value
    you store in it, type and all.

I would have phrased it differently.

“The representation of a Lisp program is fundamental. At a high level,
the operation of the program is represented by its components. At a low
level, a Lisp program is a collection of routines which process data
found in the source files. Globally, a Lisp program is a set of
expressions formed with objects: data structures, lists and symbols.”

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