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bug#51041: [External] : Re: bug#51041: 28.0.60; toggle-truncate-lines sh

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#51041: [External] : Re: bug#51041: 28.0.60; toggle-truncate-lines should not print message
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2021 20:45:48 +0000

> >> Yes, `toggle-truncate-lines' looks like a user-level command to me.
> >
> > Of course it's a user-level command.  That doesn't
> > preclude it from being usefully called from Lisp.
> What is the use-case for calling it from Lisp?

What is the use case for hard-coding behavior
based on called-interactively?  Why go against
what Emacs recommends?  Why reduce flexibility?

The guideline makes sense.  There's no need to
a priori justify following it by presupposing
some concrete code that invokes the command.

What's your specific justification for flouting
the guideline in this case?

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