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bug#51037: [PATCH] Make `print-level` & `print-length` customizable in E

From: Michael
Subject: bug#51037: [PATCH] Make `print-level` & `print-length` customizable in ERT batch tests
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 06:41:20 -0700
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Hey Lars,

Sorry to chime-in late, but my patch does _not_ affect the
printing of backtraces, just results. That said, I do agree with
Eli about the truncated backtraces often being useless; what do
you think of another variable controlling
that... `ert-batch-full-backtraces` or something?

I'm not sure I quite follow you here -- the original patch would make
the backtraces printed by ert more complete, wouldn't they?

Only when comparing _results_. Say I have test code like:

   (let ((a (<some complex list>)
         (b (<another complex list>))))
     (should (equal a b))

My changes would case the error message from the failed `should`
invocation to print `a` & `b` more fully (i.e. with fewwer

The backtrace logic is separate, and un-touched by my patch as
submitted (tho of course I can change that).

Michael <sp1ff@runbox.com>

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