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bug#51377: Automatically exit server when it has no remaining clients

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: bug#51377: Automatically exit server when it has no remaining clients
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2021 21:37:48 +0000

I'd find it quite surprising, since an errant edit to any open file would prevent the server from exiting after the last client stops. While leaving the server running isn't the worst thing ever (indeed, that's how it works now), I'd want the logic for when the server exits to be as simple as possible, i.e. "when there are no more clients, exit" (provided the user has confirmed as necessary). Having the server stick around because I forgot to save one file would surprise me, mainly because it would typically happen after, well, I forgot something.

I see. We have different mental models, I guess. From my viewpoint the Emacs server should stay there until it's not necessary, and I'd be surprised to be queried about what to do with buffers opened of processes started in a frame I already closed when I want to close another frame. But of course I do not object to have both behaviors.

That's pretty much what I started with, actually. I've added more to that as I find corner cases, and as I try to make my code work well under different configurations so that it could merge into Emacs if there's interest.

I attach a patch for that other behavior, it works fine AFAICS.

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