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[bug-gnu-libiconv] libiconv 1.11 released

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: [bug-gnu-libiconv] libiconv 1.11 released
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 02:18:11 +0100
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GNU libiconv 1.11 was released on 2006-07-19.

New in 1.11:
* The iconv program has new options --unicode-subst, --byte-subst,
  --widechar-subst that allow to specify substitutions for characters that
  cannot be converted.
* The iconv program now understands long options:
    long option    equivalent to
    --from-code    -f
    --to-code      -t
    --list         -l
    --silent       -s
* The CP936 converter is now different from the GBK converter: it has changed
  to include the Euro sign and private area characters. CP936 is no longer an
  alias of GBK.
* Updated GB18030 converter to include all private area characters.
* Updated CP950 converter to include the Euro sign and private area characters.
* Updated CP949 converter to include private area characters.
* Updated the BIG5-HKSCS converter. The old BIG5-HKSCS converter is renamed to
  BIG5-HKSCS:1999 and updated to Unicode 4. New converters BIG5-HKSCS:2001 and
  BIG5-HKSCS:2004 are added. BIG5-HKSCS is now an alias for BIG5-HKSCS:2004.
* Added a few irreversible mappings to the CP932 converter.
* Tidy up the list of symbols exported from libiconv (assumes gcc >= 4.0).

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