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Embedded Computing Offer

From: SiteSpecifics Editor
Subject: Embedded Computing Offer
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 13:58:02 -0500

Dear Embedded Computing Professional,

Please allow me to introduce myself as your point of contact for submitting 
your company’s products and services information to SiteSpecifics’ High-Tech 
Vertical Web Directories and Buyer’s Guides. 

SiteSpecifics currently has 12 High-Tech Vertical Web Directories and Buyer’s 
Guides that target the following industries:

Embedded Computing
Network Computing
Linux Computing
Computer Telephony
Motion Control
Test and Measurement
Process Control and Factory Automation
Medical Design and Manufacturing
Wireless Technology --> a new site for us
Industrial Computing
Semiconductor Industry

A few weeks ago, SiteSpecifics added an “Alphabetical Company Web Directory” 
and a “Drill Down Directory” for Products and Services at each of its industry 
specific web sites. We need to add content to these directories as soon as 
possible to better aid our growing number of site visitors in locating the 
technology and information they need to grow their company’s business.

All of us at SiteSpecifics understand that you are extremely busy with the 
day-to-day duties of trying to grow your own business. That is why we would 
like to extend the following offer to you:

**** Our offer to you  ****************

SiteSpecifics will visit and examine your company’s web site and harvest 
information about your company (brief description, physical address, phone, 
fax, web address, and email contact information), its products and the services 
you offer. SiteSpecifics will manually collect this information and enter it 
into the appropriate Vertical Web Directory and Buyer’s Guide. Basically, you 
turn us loose and we’ll do all of the hard work. 

**** Cost for this service ********************************

In order for this to be a win-win business transaction for both of our 
companies we need to charge a small fee of $299 US dollars to perform the 
information harvesting and data posting service.

Please understand that harvesting the information from your web site is a 
labor-intensive activity and requires a considerable amount of editing and 
decision making.

****   Payment  ****************************************

Please print the form below out and fill it out completely.  Then fax it to 
SiteSpecifics at 800-824-8409.  As soon as we 
receive your faxed form, we will immediately begin to harvest your company’s 
products and services information.

Place an "X" in front of the service you wish to order below: Check only one.

___ $299  Harvest my company’s web site for information about its products and 
services. Then post that information to at least one of the appropriate 
SiteSpecifics Vertical Web Directories and Buyer’s Guides. 

___ Special promotion!  Become an Advertising Account Holder for $1,200 That’s 
50% off the normal rate. This promotion is being offered for a limited time 
only. SiteSpecifics will still harvest your company’s products and services 
information, but you gain all the additional benefits of being an Advertising 
Account Holder. Additional benefits include: Real-time news submissions and 
inclusion in the appropriate SiteSpecifics Power Search Databases plus more! 
For more information about the benefits of being an Advertising Account Holder 
please go to http://www.SiteSpecifics.com/join.html

****  Payment by invoice  ********************************

____ Check this box if you will be paying by company check.

Customer Name:_____________________________________
Company Name:_____________________________________
Billing Address:_____________________________________
Phone Number: (_____)_______________________________
Purchase Order Number: ______________________________

Email Address:_______________________________________

Company web address:_________________________________

Payment terms are NET 30 from the day we receive this fax.

****  Payment by credit card  ********************************

____ Check this box if you will be paying by credit card.
Our bank requires that all credit card customers fill out this form below and 
fax it back to us at 800-824-8409.

Customer Name:_______________________________________
Company Name:_______________________________________
Company Address:_____________________________________
Phone Number: (_____)_______________________________

Email Address:_______________________________________
Company web address:_________________________________

WARNING: Credit card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively
prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number. It
is a felony to provide false information below.

Type of Credit Card.     _____Visa    _____ MC   _____ AE

Name on Card_______________________________________

Credit Card #: _______________________________________


I,_________________________________am an authorized user
of the above charge card. (Print full name)

I authorize SiteSpecifics to charge a total of $_____________
to my charge card. All sales are final.  No refunds.


You may also pay on-line at 
https://www.SiteSpecifics.com/a-la-carte-pay-form.html by using the following 
Reference number:

Reference number=”Harvest1”
Be sure to enter the appropriate dollar amount that we will be charging you.

**** Finishing up  **********************************

To complete your order, this form must be faxed to the number
below.  Your next credit card statement will reflect a charge from
SiteSpecifics.  You understand there are no refunds.
All sales are final.

****  Terms and Conditions  ****************************

I  understand that it may take up to 5 business days for my company’s 
information to post to the appropriate SiteSpecifics web site(s). SiteSpecifics 
will harvest and post a maximum of 10 products and/or services from my 
company’s web site. 


Did you fill this entire form out? Double check to see that you filled
out every field. We cannot process your order if you left anything
blank  If you have any questions, please call me directly at 916-765-2715.

Again, please fax this form to 800-824-8409.  Thank you for your time.

Best personal regards,

Scott Adams
Content Editor

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