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Re: TAR bug - seen under Linux, several versions

From: D E Hammond
Subject: Re: TAR bug - seen under Linux, several versions
Date: 10 Oct 2000 10:48:38 -0500

[Posted and mailed]

address@hidden (DH127087) writes:
> Hello -
>     there is a typical tar command which I have used for
>     years under Solaris, NCR UNIX, and many other
>     UNIX operating systems.
>     tar -ft <filename>
>     I just figured out today that the following command works:
>     tar -t -f <filename>
>     but this is very inconsistent with the normal syntax since
>     the following also works under linux:
>     tar -xvf <filename>
>     tar -tf <filename>
> [...]

The common characteristic in the three invocations that work is
that <filename> immediately follows the 'f' option.  This is
expected behavior.  There are other option styles documented at:


which says you can accomplish what you want with the "old option
style".  Something like: tar ft <filename> (note: no leading '-').

Hope that helps.

 - Don

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