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numbered backup control

From: Michael Wirtz
Subject: numbered backup control
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 13:56:19 +0200

Hi tar team,

I've noticed the following behaviour :

For numbered backup control I give the commandline parameter
"--backup=t". This works perfect for archive names that do not exceed 10
columns. Subsequent use of the  command "tar cf 123456.tar <file(s)>
--backup=t" produces the archives


and so on; this is exactly the result I expected. Subsequent use of the
command "tar cf 1234567.tar <file(s)> --backup=t" produces only two
archives :

1234567.tar and

so there is no more numbered backup version if the length of the archive
name exceeds ten columns.

I am running tar version 1.13 on Slackware 7. Am I doing anything wrong
or is it a bug ?

Kind regards / mit frdl. Gruessen
Michael Wirtz

                       German Aerospace Center
            Dep.: Microgravity User Support Centre MUSC
                           D-51170 Koeln
                      Tel: +49.2203.601.4535
                       Fax: +49.2203.696212
                   mailto: address@hidden

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