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Regression in rcparse.y

From: Roger Sayle
Subject: Regression in rcparse.y
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 17:56:36 -0600 (MDT)

The following patch to binutils/rcparse.y

> 2000-06-13  DJ Delorie  <address@hidden>
> rcparse.y (control): ICON controls take an id as the first
> parameter, not an optional string.  Also, call new convenience
> function that takes res_id's.

causes windres to reject syntactically valid resource files.
The first parameter to ICON must be a quoted string containing
the resource id, not the resource id itself, as required by the
above change.

The syntax is explained in the relevant Microsoft documentation,

Indeed, not quoting the first parameter to ICON causes error
"RC2104: undefined keyword or key name: myicon" in Microsoft's
resource compiler, RC.EXE. [Version 5.00.1472.1].

The probable cause for confusion, as demonstrated by the difference
between the grammar and the example on the above page, is that the
grammar prior to the above patch was also incorrect.  The first
argument to ICON should not be an "optstringc", but a "stringoptc",
where the quoted string is required but the following comma is

This was described in my post to the binutils list last December,

Roger Sayle,                         E-mail: address@hidden
Bioinformatics Group, Metaphorics,   WWW: http://www.metaphorics.com/
Office 104, 441 Greg Avenue,         Tel: (+1) 505-954-3281
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501.         Fax: (+1) 505-989-1200

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