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Re: Problems compiling gettext 0.10.35 on Solaris_5.5.1.

From: Mario Nigrovic
Subject: Re: Problems compiling gettext 0.10.35 on Solaris_5.5.1.
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 09:56:58 -0700

Mario Nigrovic on waldo wrote:
> Hello -
>    I am in the middle of compiling GNU utilities for several
> platforms, and I am having a problem with gettext on Solaris
> 5.5.1 only.

Later that night, I delved into the makefiles and found
--with-included-gettext, which, if supplied, allows these functions to
compile, but then I ran across the same problem while building bison.
Again, the --with-included-gettext solves the problem, but it led me to
suspect that the real problem wasn't either package, but _configure_.

I'm not sure I understand all the magic behind autoconf, but it seems that
the real issue may be that, although configure is finding gettext() in
-lintl, it forgets to include -lintl in the final LIBS definition.

This is not an issue on Solaris 5.6 and above, because the gettext()
functions are in libc on those releases.


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