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mv creates 'immortal' directory trees on samba-mounted NT shares

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: mv creates 'immortal' directory trees on samba-mounted NT shares
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 12:06:22 GMT
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When testing a 'rename-files-to-lowercase-names' script, I ran into the
followin problem on an NT share mounted through samba on my RH6.2 Linux

cd /mnt/nt-share
mv fOO foo
[no response - killed through Ctrl-C]

as a result, I ended up with a structure like this:

It seems mv happily moves the directory into itself.
This directory tree is nested so deeply even that NT is unable to access
or even delete it, so it effectively becomes immortal.
This would seem to be some bug in mv, as it fails to detect that source
and destination are actually the same file/directory (when fOO is a file,
it will truncate it and rename it to foo, then complain with 'Text file

Versions in use:
RedHat Linux 6.2, with kernel 2.2.16-3

Tim Van Holder - Falcon Software NV
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