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Bug report

From: Per-Aake Malmqvist
Subject: Bug report
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 15:07:29 +0200

The following little Makefile:

PLIBOBJ = libtest.a(sub1.o) libtest.a(sub2.o)
# Dependencies
test.exe: main.o ${PLIBOBJ}
        ${FC} -o test.exe main.o libtest.a
main.o: main.f
libtest.a(sub1.o): sub1.f
libtest.a(sub2.o): sub2.f

does not work properly on an IBM machine under AIX. Using either
the GNU Make v 3.74 or v 3.75, the make program does not see or
recognize the library members. In my real-world application, this
has the annoying effect of spending lots of time recompiling my
whole source directory each time make is run.

The same Makefile, tested on an SGI machine (IRIX), using
GNU Make v 3.76.1, works as expected.

Is this OS dependent? Or a bug that has been fixed with 3.76.1?

Best regards,

Per Ake Malmqvist

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