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Version 1.2 of GNU miscfiles released

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Version 1.2 of GNU miscfiles released
Date: 20 Oct 2000 23:42:56 -0700

I am pleased to announce version 1.2 of the GNU miscellaneous files
distribution, available via anonymous FTP from ftp.gnu.org
in the file /gnu/miscfiles/miscfiles-1.2.tar.gz (about 2.2 MB

This distribution includes files not of crucial importance for system
administration or operation, but which have come to be common on
various systems over the years, including word lists, airport codes,
zipcodes and more.

This distribution does not include any programs.

In addition to many new files in this release, the na.phones database
has been entirely rebuilt.

The current list of files is:

connectives web2 web2a propernames airport ascii birthtoken
inter.phone na.phone operator abbrevs.talk abbrevs.gen cities.dat
postal.codes GNU-manifesto mailinglists languages latin1 currency
countries unicode jargon.html us-constitution us-declaration
rfc-index.txt std-index.txt fyi-index.txt tasks.info tasks.texi

If you have any suggestions about files to add to this distribution,
or corrections to the files here, please send them to

My wish list for specific additions:

* Word lists for other major languages would be very nice.

* I have not found electronic sources for fully airport code files.
Anyone who has a more current and complete database is eagerly invited
to let me know.

* Suggestions of particular internet standards to distribute (as well
as Usenet [and other] FAQs) would be nice.

See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

Please send all bug reports by electronic mail to:

These files are all freely redistributable.


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