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gas i386 wrong displacement with addl $GOT, %eax

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: gas i386 wrong displacement with addl $GOT, %eax
Date: 29 Oct 2000 08:17:44 +1000
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Using the Debian packaged binutils, or the current binutils
cvs, I noticed that assembling a foo.s containing

            addl    $_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_+[.-L1], %eax
produces (with objdump), 

    00000000 <L1>:
       0:   05 02 00 00 00          add    $0x2,%eax
                            1: R_386_GOTPC  _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_

I think the "2" displacement is incorrect and it should be "1".
Certainly it seems that using this in a program leaves %eax off by 1.

Other registers, like the standard %ebx that gcc uses, work fine as
far as I can tell (generating "2" which is correct for an addl with a
mod/rm byte).

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