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S390 gdb patches

Subject: S390 gdb patches
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:12:17 +0100

Hi all,
Here are the latest gdb patches for Linux for S/390, which I hope will you
will accept, it is based
on what I checked out on 13/10/00. There is only 1 line modified in
readlines configure.in for s390
 to add -f-signed-char compiler flag,
this may already be in the readlines configure.in script from bash.

The binutils is made up of what was in CVS & a dash of the binutils-2.10
port for s390.

The primary architecture independent changes I made were a few enhancments
gdbarch.sh & also added a DWARF2_REG_TO_REGNUM macro to dwarf2read.c,
this was needed for when REGISTER_NAMES indexes don't match the ELF/DWARF2
ABI bindings
for a particular architecture, ( this was the case on 390 ) similar macros
already existed for dwarf1
& stabs debug info.

(See attached file: ChangeLog.301000.bfd)(See attached file:
ChangeLog.301000.gdb)(See attached file: ChangeLog.301000.gdbroot)(See
attached file: ChangeLog.301000.include)(See attached file:
ChangeLog.301000.opcodes)(See attached file:
gdb.s390.301000.binutils.config.diff)(See attached file:
gdb.s390.301000.binutils.core.diff)(See attached file:
gdb.s390.301000.binutils.makefile.diff)(See attached file:
gdb.s390.301000.config.diff)(See attached file: gdb.s390.301000.core.diff)
(See attached file: gdb.s390.301000.readline.config.diff)

Let us know if there are any problems.


D.J. Barrow Linux for S/390 kernel developer
eMail: address@hidden,address@hidden
Phone: +49-(0)7031-16-2583
IBM Germany Lab, Schönaicherstr. 220, 71032 Böblingen

Attachment: ChangeLog.301000.bfd
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Attachment: ChangeLog.301000.gdb
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Attachment: ChangeLog.301000.gdbroot
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Attachment: ChangeLog.301000.include
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Attachment: ChangeLog.301000.opcodes
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Attachment: gdb.s390.301000.binutils.config.diff
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Attachment: gdb.s390.301000.binutils.core.diff
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Attachment: gdb.s390.301000.binutils.makefile.diff
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Attachment: gdb.s390.301000.config.diff
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Attachment: gdb.s390.301000.core.diff
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Attachment: gdb.s390.301000.readline.config.diff
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